Training Camp 2023

Registration Link and Waiver

Registration for Training Camp 2023 is now open! We will be using SignUpGenius again this summer. You will also need to fill out the waiver. Payment (check or cash) can be brought in the first day.

The Schedule – We will be running four 90-minute sessions. Scheduled groups and teams are listed below. All sessions will start with J.A.Q.S. first, our speed development program. Following that will be an hour of weight training or a combination of weight training and A.M.P. training.

Choosing a specific session on the registration link does not mean that you are locked into that for the whole summer and can only come at that time. We realize that everyone’s schedule is different and can vary from one day to the next and throughout the summer months. That’s perfectly fine. You can come to any of the first three sessions, depending on what works best for you. Some teams have specific sessions because those times are what fits in best with their summer practice schedules. We also understand that you may need to miss some days due to family vacations, sports games, or work. That is not a problem.

What To Bring:

  • iPad or Phone with the TrainHeroic app to get lifting workouts.
  • Clothes and shoes for activity (running, jumping, lifting, etc).
  • Water Bottle.
  • $155 registration fee.

Registration Link: Signup GeniusClick Here

Waiver Form: Click Here


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