Fall Strength & Conditioning

The schedule for the weight room will be changing this fall from how things have operated in the past.  There will no longer be any “open” weight room time.  There will be “in-season” lifting and “off-season” lifting for high school students.  Fall sports that are lifting have a scheduled in-season time when they will be working out.  The weight room will be closed to everyone else at those times.  Everyone who is not currently participating in a fall sport will be doing the off-season program.  You can view the full calendar HERE, but for the most part here is what a typical week will look like for the off-season lifters:

  • Monday:  JAQS = 3:15-3:45, Lifting = 3:45-4:45
  • Tuesday:  Lifting 3:15-4:15
  • Wednesday:  JAQS = 3:15-3:45, Lifting = 3:45-4:45
  • Thursday:  Lifting 3:15-4:15

The first week of school will be an orientation week for beginners, and everyone will be finding maxes for their lifting program.  Workouts will start on Monday, Sept 14th, and will be a 7 or 8-week program depending on winter sports.  There is no registration required and there is no fee in order to participate.  Just show up in the weight room ready to work hard.  If you have any questions, contact Coach Meier at smeier@farmington.k12.mn.us .



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